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The Law of Attraction – PART 2

The law of attraction
Priyanshi Mehta
11, Jun 2020

Earlier, in the first part of The Law of Attraction, I had defined what the law of attraction is (according to me). I had also mentioned 2 of the major mistakes we make while applying this law, and had also mentioned how to correct it and get to the right way ( check that article out if you haven’t already!)

However, if you went on thinking that that was all you needed to do to get what you want, you’re fooling yourself, ‘coz trust me, doing only those (two – seriously?) things wouldn’t really get too far with this law of attraction thingy. You still have to do a lot to get something you want, obviously. So, in this part, I would like to mention a few points and steps you might want to follow to get this law of attraction work for you all.

  •  Ask

First of all, ask yourself what you want. Mention every little detail about the product and how you want it to be. For an instance, if you want an iPhone, describe the model, the colour of the phone, the megapixels of the front and rear camera, the cost of the phone, everything. If you can, get a picture of that, stick it to a place where you would be able to see it each and every day. If you don’t (get a picture), draw it. Use your imagination. Fill it with the colours you want. Make an iPhone logo. Accentuate it using bold, bright colours. Then stick it to, maybe your cork board, your bedroom door, your bedroom wall, or wherever your vision falls straight. Maybe, you could also try writing the stuff you want. Like, take a pen, take a paper, and write down, ‘I owe the newest iPhone which I always dreamt of. It is of so and so colour, so and so model, so and so megapixel camera…’

  •  Answer

Now, this law of attraction isn’t a genie (well, not completely, but almost like it) whose gonna give you what you want right at the moment. Well, it will take time, but no one can ever predict how much. It may take a few days, it may take a few weeks, or it may take a few months. It may even take a few years if you are not so determined.  But, it will happen. Answer yourself with an assurance that it is gonna happen. What you have to do is, trust the universe. If you are determined, the universe will rearrange itself for you. But you don’t need to know how and when. You also need not know how you’ll get what you want. You just have to trust the universe. It will rearrange itself for you. It can change what is gonna happen to what you want to happen.  What you can do is, visualise yourself in front of the mirror holding the cell you want. Or you can also write down about the stuff you want, as in, ‘I just got the cell phone I want, and it is amazing. Everyone is so jealous of me and my phone’. However, let me tell you, you still have to be patient. You wouldn’t get it immediately. But, after a lot of tries, if you feel frustrated and angry and irritated of not getting what you want, you are not in alignment with what you want. What I basically mean to say is, that you still carry that doubt somewhere in your mind that you won’t get what you want. Don’t let that happen to yourself. Have complete faith in the Universe. It will literally rearrange itself for you, and by that, I mean literally rearrange itself for you.But you have to give it some time. Don’t go on thinking that it’s gonna happen immediately. Have patience. That’s the point.

  • Receive

When you eventually develop trust for the universe, it means that you are in alignment with what you want. Then, it is finally time for the third and final step, which is receiving your stuff. However, like I said, you don’t need to know how; you don’t need to know when. I don’t have much to say on this, but what I do know is, if your will is strong enough, you will get your stuff. And you need to know that too. Go for the first two steps, and leave the rest up to the universe.

The concept of vision boards.

Many of you must have heard about a vision board. For the ones who haven’t, a vision board is basically a representation of your desires, your dreams, and your wishes. It is widely believed that creating vision boards and hanging them in your room, or desk or anywhere where you see them daily will create stronger frequencies and determination. Every time you see your desired stuff in pictures or drawings or writings, a thought process starts in your brain and you would start imagining yourself as the owner of it. Well, that’s the whole point of the law of attraction – imagining that you already have them. So, as it will happen daily; as you will yearn daily for that thing, your frequencies will get stronger, and the universe will bring it to you for sure. You will get your stuff in no time flat if you think about them daily and make your frequencies stronger and stronger day by day. So you should probably consider that.

How to create vision boards

Creating a vision board is quite simple. So, to create one, for starters take a big chart paper. Then, find/print/cut out pictures of the stuff you want. For example, if it’s a good private villa you wanna buy, get a picture of it and stick it on the paper. Next, if it’s a cell phone you wanna have, stick a picture of it. Similarly, go on adding images or drawings of the things you would like to have. Once you’ve got everything you wanna have on the paper, pin it to a cork board or a wall or your door. Make sure your eyes fall on the vision board daily. And that’s it!

Well, this was it for this part of The Law of Attraction article. I still have one last thing I would want to have regarding the law of attraction. But if I mention it in the same article, it would be too long and perhaps boring. Hope the information I shared here was useful to you, and if it was, don’t forget to checkout my third part of the law of attraction.

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