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The Law of Attraction: PART 3

law of attraction part 3
Priyanshi Mehta
14, Jun 2020

In the last two parts of the law of attraction, I had mentioned the two major mistakes we make while applying this law and how to correct them (part one) and the three main steps to follow while applying the law (part two). I had also mentioned the concept of vision boards and how to make them. However, there is one last thing I wanted to share regarding the law of attraction, which I am pretty sure would be helpful to you. I’m talking about being grateful.

How can being grateful help us with the law?

We all must know and understand that being grateful is one of the keys to success. The law of attraction also eventually leads to success, so gratitude is also necessary for the law of attraction to work well. The more grateful you are, the more you receive in life. And, tell me (in the comments section) is taking out, like ten to fifteen minutes a day to thank God difficult? Being grateful is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain success. Remember, being grateful is directly proportional to being satisfied and being happy. On the contrary, it also somehow reminds you that you have a lot more than necessary, and you also have to achieve a lot more ahead in life.

 While being grateful for what you already have, you shouldn’t forget the list of things that you have to achieve ahead. There are still a lot of things out there in the open, and one of the primary steps which would lead you to them is being thankful. If you lack something physically, be glad that you have a great piece of mind. Never look down on the things that you don’t have in life. Look up on the things that life has served you, and try to achieve what you haven’t got yet. You are capable of drawing each and everything out in the universe.

How to be grateful

Once you are convinced with the above, and once you are sure that you’ll give some of your time being thankful, check out these points below and see if you could follow them (well, these are few of the points which I feel you should do, but there still are a gazillion more ways to be grateful):

  • Say it along with your prayers

The simplest way is to thank God whilst you say your prayers. Well, I guess most of us say our daily prayers in the morning or evening (well, I do it at night!), so what you can do is, after you chant your prayers, just add this: ‘Dear God, I am glad and grateful that you have picked me out of others to be a part of this family. I am very happy here. Thank you for giving us a roof on our head, clothes to cover our body, and food for sustenance. What you have given me is really enough, though I seek more. Thus, I ask for your blessings to not only have a good day but a great life ahead. See Talk to you later. And thank you once again.’ Well, I guess this is enough. You can do it daily along with your prayers and not put in too much of efforts.

  • Say it at night

If you are anyone who’s not into prayers and say it occasionally, I prefer you say it at night before you plop to bed. Also, if you have something extra to add, don’t forget to mention that.

  •  Get a gratitude journal

One of the most common ways of doing it is getting a gratitude journal. It’s basically writing all that you are grateful for in a simple diary-kinda-journal which you call a ‘gratitude journal’. You may write in it either every day or maybe for three days a week. Better start off with three days for starters. Maintain a small and cute journal. When you sit down to write in it, choose a quiet and peaceful place. Calm your mind from any other feelings but gratitude. Feel what you write. Don’t just go on for the sake of it.

  •  Get some ‘gratitude rocks’

I picked this up from ‘The Secret’ (well, the whole idea of all the three parts of Law of Attraction is picked!) and whoever has seen the movie before (I swear by it), knows what I am saying. The general idea of ‘gratitude rocks’ is repeating what you’re grateful for every time you touch the rocks. Basically, take a rock or two and stuff it in your pocket. Then, every time you feel them in your pocket or touch them, repeat the same thing (what you’re grateful for). Even when you remove them outta your pocket, be thankful. Do it literally EVERY TIME you touch them, be it for any reason.

So, this was all I had for ‘The Law of Attraction and Gratitude’ AND ‘The Law of Attraction’. If you liked this (or any other part of this segment) and found it useful, do mention it in the comment section below. Hope you enjoyed reading the three parts of this segment.

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3 Replies to “The Law of Attraction: PART 3”

  1. Brilliant! You have this amazing ability to write about deep things and simplify complex philosophy. This is rare not many writers can do it. Keep going!!

  2. Great work. I am a great believer of the law. Loved all of your blogs. You write about everything soo well. You’ve got a lot more to go. You rock girl. I encourage you to write more.

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