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The Law of Attraction – PART 1

Law of Attraction
Priyanshi Mehta
06, Jun 2020

Out of the 7 laws of the Universe, one of the strongest laws is the Law of Attraction. It simply means drawing something towards you- something you strongly desire. This law is really powerful and can literally bring to you what is in the parallel (universe). All the great people who lived in the past and who live in the present knew about this, including Albert Einstein, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Doyle and the list goes on.

However, why this was kept a secret in the past was the fear that haunted them, the fear of the misuse of this law. Now, now, this law of attraction, you see, is really powerful and if applied correctly, it CAN and WILL for sure do wonders.

Apparently, some people doubt if this is even a real thing. When I searched it on Google, one of the questions in a dialogue box was answered as “The law of attraction is not real. It was made up by hucksters to sell books and motivational rally tickets.” Well, I actually believed it for a quite second, because it really had not been any help to me whatsoever. But, that changed the second I realised that I had been doing it all wrong. And that’s when it clicked to me that I should be writing on it.

Every thought of yours produces frequencies. And when you think a lot about a particular thing it, your frequency gets stronger and stronger. That’s what draws things towards you.

Nevertheless, some people keep complaining that this just won’t work for them. But that’s because of 2 main reasons (that’s what we’ll be discussing here in this article), or to be precise, mistakes.

  •  Thinking that it “should” happen

See, if you truly want this law to work for you, you have to think that “it is happening with me right now” -as in, “yeah, I am driving that brand new car that just launched, with the costliest phone in my hands”, rather than “how I wish I could drive that brand new car that just launched and get my hands on the costliest phone in the market.” If you want these things, start off by closing your eyes and imagining that you’ve got your hands on the steering wheel of the car and you’re listening to music from your oh-so-costly phone. Imagine that everyone is gazing at your car in awe. Whoo-whoo your ride. Shout out for real. It’s okay if people listen to you and laugh at you. This is the way you should be doing things to get the law to work for you. Do not wish, just command. Rather than saying, “O dear Universe, may I get that brand new car please?” say, “Hey universe, I want that brand new car that just launched, okay?” This is how things are gonna work. So you should try that.

  • Focusing on what you don’t want to happen

See, this is a grave error you commit. Now, this law of attraction thingy isn’t some po… never mind, what I mean to say is, it doesn’t bias between ‘should’s and ‘shouldn’t’s or ‘want’s and ‘don’t want’s. I mean, say for example, if you wanna get your Visa in the first go and want to ignore taking 5 to 6 round trips to get the Visa, you should be saying, “O hey, I got the Visa in the first chance itself!” rather than saying, “O I wish I don’t have to take a lot of effort getting the Visa, I don’t want to stand outside in the hot just because the queue won’t get along”, because this is exactly what would happen. You really, really, really HAVE to focus on what you want to happen. You have to be positive and think about the thing which you want and how it would make a difference with its presence in your life (be it a small bike you want or your soul mate, doesn’t really matter!).

So, while trying to get the law work for you, ensure that you do not make these little mistakes that can actually make a whole lot of difference.

I guess this is it for this part of ‘The Law of Attraction’ (of course, this is quite too huge a topic to be covered in one article). Hope you liked it, and if you did, make sure to check out the part 2 of this article which I’ll be uploading soon!

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  1. Hola, I have read ‘The Secret’ earlier and I must say that you have presented everything very nicely.
    Waiting for more

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