Quotes by Priyanshi Mehta


  • Life is but a circus, you stay for as long as you are undaunted

  • Pretending to be ourselves, we often forget who we are

  • Be grateful for what you have today, and see more things coming to be grateful for tomorrow

  • Perspire to Prosper

  • Introspection isn't a process to reach the mind; it is a never-ending journey to reach the heart

  • I thought I was the flower in your garden, but life taught me that I was nothing more than a thorn in your bush

  • Opportunities are like balloons, some blow them away, some pop them out, but only the wise choose to use them to bring themselves high up in the sky

  • Solitude is the state where you're not judged on what you do because the only person you are with is you

  • Lower your expectations; that's when life will surprise you!

  • Nourish your little brook of life, for it may vanish into thin air while you’re busy living other’s troubles

  • Possess an attitude that makes your absence unbearable

  • Kindness is a word heard by many, understood by the wise

  • Kindness shown unwillingly is not kindness, only a sacrifice

  • Success without struggle is mostly a hallucination

  • Thought process is ‘learning’, thought progress is ‘enlightenment’

  • Don’t go for what you ‘deserve’, go for what you ‘desire’