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Priyanshi Mehta
21, May 2020

Introspection – a big word huh?

Well, this word may be big, but it synchronises a deep meaning. Presently, a lot of minds have been chaotic and under pressure due to losses in business, lack of money, food, etc. In this state, people are mentally adversely affected and have no means of peace. In this state of mind, introspection is the one and only means which is going to give lasting peace and happiness.

Doing something you like, like playing board games or cards with your family members might give you temporary pleasure. After 2 hours of doing this, you’re definitely gonna get bored, but introspecting for 15-20 minutes a day will set you for the day and you will be no longer complaining.  However, there are a few “ground rules” necessary to be followed while introspecting.  If you genuinely want to introspect and are willing to calm your mind, follow these points:

  •  Create a Space

We all have a cosy corner in our homes where we can sit for hours. So, the first thing you gonna do is find that spot. Once you do that, renovate it a little bit. See that it gets maximum sunlight. Keep it clean, without outside noise. Place a mat. Then, sit down and close your eyes.

  •  Ask Yourself

Ask yourselves a few questions, like “Hey bro, how’s life going?” and “What’s the problem you got?’’ Once you do that, you gonna come up with the answers. You’ll know what the actual problem in life is.

  •  Contemplate Deeply

After you know what the problem is, think about it. First of all, think why it is a problem in first place. What causes that problem and what that problem causes? Is there any fault of yours? Is someone else the reason for this? If you are at fault, try to change that, and if you are still doing the same thing, try to undo it. If someone else is at fault, try talking to them and try to change the situation.  If this is not possible, simply ignore and don’t waste time on it.

  •  Make an Account

Make an account of the answers you come up for yourself. Write them down and reassure yourself that following those points might bring a solution to the problem.

  • Do What Your Heart Says

You wrote those points to come up with a solution. Once you are sure that those pointers are beneficial, follow them. There is an 8 out of 10 chance that you will be able to overcome that obstacle. This is because it’s not what your mind says, it’s what your heart, your soul says.

Introspection With Gratitude

Always thinking about your problems and yearning for an answer is just not right. Sometimes, the only answer to your problems is gratitude. The more gratitude you show, the more you will achieve in life. The more satisfied you are with life, the fewer problems you face. When you just can’t find a solution to your questions to life, show your gratitude. Thank God for this day, this life, and everything you achieved till now. This also counts in as introspection. By doing this, you are purifying your soul.

Hereby ending this article and leaving the decisions to you, I hope these points were useful to you. I also hope that you introspect in your daily lives and maintain the existence of your inner soul. Always remember;

Introspection isn’t a process to reach the mind; it is a never-ending journey to reach the soul

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