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How to Wake up Early

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Priyanshi Mehta
05, May 2020

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

We’ve all heard this old rhyme in our childhood. But it seems that waking up early at the call of dawn is no more than a dream for many of us. It’s the same case for me as well. I’m like, ‘How the hell can anyone be a morning person??’ I can never be an early bird. But, the lockdown has gotten to my mind or something, ‘coz literally I came up with a few points to wake up early in the morning (believe me, these work on Sleep Monsters as well). Here are a few points you might wanna try:

  • Do not keep multiple alarms

We all have a habit of keeping a million alarms, so when the first one goes off, we still have, like, Nine lakh, Ninety-nine thousand, Nine hundred Ninety-nine back up alarms. And of course, when we have a bunch of backups, we won’t care unless we’re on the last one. So, keep only one alarm, and wake up on the first one.

  • Do not snooze the alarm

Hitting the snooze button is the biggest mistake we make while trying to wake up early. You might’ve noticed that when you wake up after hitting the snooze button, you wake up grumpy, and you’re actually tired. If you wake up on the first go, you might not be that grumpy and definitely less tired. So, try waking up on the first alarm, without…. snoozing it?

  • Do not go to bed feeling irked.

Your mood also has an important role to play in this cycle.

When you go to bed in a not-so-nice-mood, you’re gonna wake up like that, and that’s gonna rob you of all the excitement or happiness in the morning. So, if you’re not happy with something, think about all the goody goody things that please you and once you are sure you’re fine and not-so-grumpy, have a good night’s sleep.

  • Tell yourself that you wanna wake up early

This really works. Tell yourself a dozen or more times that you wanna wake up early. So, if you wanna wake up at, say 5, you gonna speak ‘Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5, Wake Up at 5’. Your conscience will take the command and your eyes are gonna pop up right at the time when you want them to.

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking some water before going to bed is a really good option. Drink water at night before going to bed and let nature do what it shall. You will have to wake up to pee and you’ll be up for the day. However, you will have to be careful if you have any disease which could get adversely affected.

  • Do not stay up till late

Try avoiding late nights. If you stay awake till late, you’ll get less sleep and a one-way ticket to a snapped out day. So, try sleeping at a fixed time and sleeping for fixed hours.

  • Have a series of things to do.

Try having a list of to-do things that’ll make you wanna shoot out of the bed. Bag the first place for something you’d love to do, like going for a walk, exercising, slurping over tea while reading a book, reading the newspaper or be it anything. This excitement will release some scientific mumbo jumbo into your body and it’ll automatically help you jump outta your bed.

  • Do Not Use Your Cell the First Thing in the Morning

If you follow these points and wake up early, DO NOT stay in bed lazing around staring your phone in awe. This is worse than getting up late. First of all, you stay in bed for like 40 mins with your cell and then it just pops out that you’re late and you run around like your hair was on fire, trying to speed things up. Also, it’s really unhealthy checking your cell in bed instead of having timely breakfast or reading a book etc. So, avoid using your cell the first thing in the morning.


Honestly speaking, I had written this article couple of weeks earlier even though I myself was not following these pointers., My dad said “Practice before you Preach”, suggesting that I should imply these on myself first and then preach about this. So, for the last couple of weeks, I have started following these pointers (though not all!), and believe me, it has worked wonders for me. Till now, I was always complaining that it is so damn hard to wake up earlier, but see now; I get up in time regularly.

I hope these points are useful for y’all too. Keep reading my blogs for more!

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