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All The World’s A Stage

All the world a stage
Priyanshi Mehta
12, Apr 2020

Shakespeare’s one of the greatest works of wonder, ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE talks about the stages of life we all go through. We all have our entrances and our exits.

Starting right from the beginning, the first stage is the carefree infant state. It teaches us that people might care for us for a short period, until we seem “sweet” for them. People would like to be around us until we are like they want us to be.

The second stage talks about the whining schoolboy, unwilling to school. This tells us that life cannot always be like what we wish for it to be. To achieve something in life it is important to come out of our comfort zones and face challenges.

The third stage of us being a lover. Basically, today as we call it, it is the adolescence. This stage is very important. We are induced into making an impression on people we like. We wanna woo people. But, it is also important to control ourselves during this tender age as many of us let ourselves so free that we end up doing things we may regret later.

The fourth stage is a warrior. We are just exposed to the world and we are ready to face the gravest of dangers for the short lived fame. Well, we often forget what we actually want ‘coz we’re so busy fighting with people out of jealousy. We’ve gotta be careful because we are now in a stage where we really don’t wanna lose our loved ones in an enmity coz’ all that people want now is just fame.

We enter the fifth stage in our 40s. During this stage of life, we are exposed to the real world. We regain, or to be precise, gain our senses about the rights and wrongs of the world and are capable enough to judge a situation. Shakespeare has referred to us as the judges, mainly because we are full of wise sayings and experiences of our own.

The sixth stage opens the gates of old age for all of us. Once we enter this stage, all the enthusiasm, the zest and zeal slowly fades away and we lose interest in what was otherwise so fascinating.

And finally, when we enter the last stage, we come to know that we have finally reached old age or our second childishness. We once again enter the helpless state of the child, i.e. without teeth, without proper vision, without taste, without speech. In this stage, we also know the frightening, but inevitable truth of life, that is – Mortality. And then we lie there, doing nothing, but waiting for this play to end (that is waiting for our death).

“Life is only precious because it ends”

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