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Kindness Matters

Priyanshi Mehta
11, Apr 2020

Kindness – a word heard my many, understood by the wise.

This word solely means doing something good, expecting nothing in return.

When we do something good to a person who is in his bad days, that’s called an act of kindness, ‘coz a normal human would never expect something in return from- say a beggar whom they’ve helped.

Kindness can only be called Kindness when:

  • There’s no inner pain or sorrow in giving:

While giving someone what he wants, the feelings of the giver matter a lot. If giving alms to a beggar saddens him, or angers him, he must not do it. When a person is unwillingly kind to someone, it cannot be called a ‘kind act’, but can termed as only a sacrifice.

  • The right person is helped:

Of course, this is the most important factor in kindness. When you’re helping someone who is actually in need, that is kindness. When you give alms to a beggar, you help the right person. However, when you give something to a rich person, something which he can afford, that’s not kindness.

  • When everyone in need is helped

Now of course no one likes to be biased, not even the animals. So, it is not that you’re only gonna be helping people, even the animals wouldn’t mind a free hug or a free lunch. You can always cuddle a puppy or give a dog a bone (me singing ‘This old man’ which I learnt in pre-kg!). Even that qualifies as kindness for sure.

So, I hope this article helped y’all define kindness. And I wish you consider all of the above points when you think of doing something kind to literally anyone. Also remember;

“Kindness benefits everyone; it brings joy to the giver and peace to the receiver”

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