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The Impact of Social Media on the Youth

Impact of Social Media
Priyanshi Mehta
12, Apr 2020

Social Media has sort of become an addiction to today’s youth.

Whenever they see the chance, they’re ready to pounce on it and all they do is take up their cell phone and just start on with the swiping business.

The trend that follows nowadays is posting “pics” online and then begging and often competing for likes/shares/comments.

The 3 main social media apps to distract today’s youth are Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram.

Whatsapp has started dominating our lives, not as much as Instagram and Facebook, though.

All of us have seen icons of people. Well, the most annoying thing is the #NoFilter. You know what; I can NAME the filter they’ve used.

And when you see them in person, you’re like -“Am I talking to the right person or something?” And then you have to restrain yourself hard from saying -“Excuse me, I’m looking for a person right here in the photo, and ironically, she/he looks a little bit like you, maybe”

Same is with the #wokeuplikethis. Like, can’t they first GET OUT of the bed, rather than modelling their “morning faces”?

The youth is using wasting large parts of its time in social media, instead of doing something productive.

Like all the time they get is gobbled up by gadgets.

The youth is spending SO much time on social media that they never ACTUALLY CARE. They don’t have ambitions or goals in life. Two days without checking Instagram and life becomes hellish. Rather than having live experience, all they wanna do is shoot them and then post them with captions like ‘enjoying the beauty of nature’. Are they ACTUALLY enjoying the beauty OF NATURE?

Teenagers are badly influenced by “the wonders of Instagram”. Like, they’re posting EVERYTHING they do, like dining in a restaurant, waking up early in the morning, having a day off, everything. And then they also want things to be “private”, and go bonkers if someone comes to know ’bout their social life. Like, does that even make sense? Some genius came up with the joke of the century: Technology Was Invented to Save Our Time and Make Our Lives Easier. Just a little grin on your face and you’ve understood what I want to convey.

Hereby ending this article, I hope you use technology wisely and actually make your life easier.

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