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Winter Winter time is here, time for joy and time for cheer!

Happy winters
Priyanshi Mehta
20, Dec 2021

Hello there, gorgeous souls!. I’m extremely sorry, it has been forever since I caught up with y’all, but I’ve been between things for the past couple of weeks (no excuse), and I’m really guilty. 

But, now I’m here, and I’m super excited about today’s article because IT’S WINTER PEOPLE!! It’s my favorite season after Autumn, and I want to make out the most of it, cause last year was a bust, we didn’t HAVE winter at all.

So, there are a few ways in which I’ll be celebrating this time of the year, and I wanna share it with you, so you can realize how peaceful of a season it is, and enjoy it to your fullest, so let’s just dive into it!

  • Soak in the sun

Since it’s going to be cold for a while now, you must give your body all the nutrients it needs to cope. We’ll see less sun now, so it’s important to get the maximum sunlight you can get. About 15-30 mins of Sun really helps you, your body releases serotonin, the happy hormone. If you live somewhere where it’s going to be very cold with no Sun, don’t forget to take your Vitamin-D supplements

  • Set your sleep routine

My exams and all the stress that followed really messed with my sleep routine, and then I’d feel groggy all the time. Now, it’s time to get back on track and get enough sleep. Your body needs rest, and you know that. So, set a proper time you’ll be sleeping and waking up. It used to be 12-5 for the past few weeks for me (because I wasted my time during the day), but now I’m shifting to 11-7. You must set yours and get at least 8 hours of sleep too.

  • Get your body moving

Winters can get hard, and it’s already nearly impossible to get out of your bed, leaving your beloved blankets behind, and on top, it’s really cold to do anything, but that’s really unhealthy. If you’d give some exercise to your body, you’ll improve your blood circulation and you won’t feel so cold then. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore 60 min workout. Just a brisk walk or ride in the park or letting loose and dancing to your will, yoga, aerobics, anything.

  • Make your room winter-ready

It’s officially the time you gonna curl up in your room. So, cozy it up already! Move a few things around, change your bedsheets, let there be a good place to sit, have a corner that gets some Sun. Unclutter and re-organize your desk. Make it a place where you’d want to stay for long, and that gives you winter vibes, maybe hang in a snowflake or something!

  • Create your sacred space  

We all have a corner in our rooms that we love the most. Find yours. It should have an aura that suits yours and have an equal amount of light and dark (makes sense?), and it shouldn’t be so cold, and it should make you feel connected to yourself in a way, it should be… perfect. Find this corner in your room, maybe light a few candles, light an incense, have a few plants… a few ideas to go.

  • Practice Journaling

Writing things you feel but can’t say to people, describing your emotions, finding solutions to your problems yourself, listening to your inner voice, mentioning gratitude, realizing how blessed you are, making peace with your flaws, embracing yourself, being there for yourself emotionally, and reconnecting – sounds like such a bliss. And it is! Simply journaling can make you experience all of this. Make it a self-care ritual. At times you feel gloomy gratuitously, your journal is going to be there for you. Don’t forget the 5 points of gratitude daily. 

  • Read

You’ll be spending more hours indoors, so instead of sticking to your screens, get comfy with a book. Thousands of good reads out there. Choose your interests, your favorite genre, your type, and find the best books you can vibe on. It’s a good way to spark your imagination, learn new things, fall in love with people who don’t exist, and push yourself out of your comfort zones to try something new.

  • Practice forms of art

Whatever it is that you love doing – drawing, painting, sketching, crafting and creating, writing, singing, poetry, drama, cooking, do it. It is such a happy time for me when I’m writing my articles or poetry or reading or writing books, sometimes coloring in my old picture books. Whatever it is that you find peace in, make it a habit of doing it. A break from all logic and reasoning, math, science, numbers, and purely working with your heart, giving your imagination a stage to perform, doing stupid things you find pleasure in, drowning yourself in such times of glee.

  • Have things to look forward to

Give yourself little treats. It can be petite things like your solo date next week, or plans with your friends, or a movie night, shopping, spa day, etc. These little things will help you through other unhappy days. You can assure yourself that there are so many good things coming up, and it’ll increase your enthusiasm to… well, live. 

  • Show some love to your skin

Winter is not the best time for your skin. The dryness, chapped lips, burning sensations, little bits peeling off every now and then, and that pain when stupid cuts hurt so much more than they should is really annoying. Moisturize your body regularly, and give more attention to your wounds. That being said, you can also care for yourself by applying hair and face packs and stuff. A proper candle-lit, warm self-care day where you can release your tension sounds grand.

  • Eat nourishing foods

You also need to check your food intake and all that you’re putting into your body. It’s not going to be a problem since a variety of delightful treats winter brings you – strawberries, green chickpeas, pies, candies, soups, kava, and of course gajar ka halwa! Make sure you eat healthy in abundance.

  • Bonfire 

Bonfires are a great time for family gatherings. You can play games while you warm yourselves or gossip about your aunts and uncles, or just cuddle up by the fire. If y’all have a good neighborhood, you can all make it sort of an event, every night you could all meet and light up a fire and chat away. 

See, these are all just primary things you could do, there are loads of other options like – snow-ball fight, building a snowman (do you wanna, Elsa?), making hot soups, chocolates, cakes, organizing your closet, random acts of kindness like donating food, your old blankets, and warm clothes, volunteering at an animal shelter, binge-watch marathon, hosting Christmas and/or New Year parties, go to church on Christmas, take a long, warm and a relaxing bath, starting a scrapbook, have a slumber party with friends, scare the hair out of each other by telling ghost stories, indoor picnic, winter photoshoot, and the list goes on

After all these things mentioned above, I bet you’ll have a total blast this winter, and who knows – it can be a winter to remember – (get it?) 

Anywho, I’ll be taking off now, my room needs cleaning, but you guys have fun, and yeah, do tell me in the comments below how you spend your holidays! Hope you liked this article. Tataa!

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P.S. – Happy holidays!

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