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Exam time!

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Priyanshi Mehta
19, Oct 2021

It’s all over the news that CBSE has released the date-sheet for the board exams, and if you’re one of the participants appearing for them, I’m sure a lot is going on in your heads. Well my friend you ain’t alone. I’ll be giving my tenth boards too, and I’m just as nervous as you are. But that’s why I showed up here so that I can share a few strategies I’ll be using to ace my exams, which may help you out. Also, I promise to keep this article short, to not waste much of your time.

  • Do not panic

Everyone’s saying this to you, it may even anger you, I know, but read this one out. You may be well prepared and ready for the test, or you may be severely unprepared and may not know a thing. Whatever the case, do not panic. Tell yourself that you have around 40 days to go. Calm yourself down, practice deep breathing and affirm that you can do it.

  • Do not be totally laid back

If you’re thinking you still have another sem to score, you’re wrong. We know that both of them have an equal share in our final grade. You have to give importance to this one too. Work hard enough, and assume this one to be your finals. Because if the situation worsens by March/April, all of the burden will fall on this one, and your internals. So please, please, please work hard and do not think of it like any normal exam.

  • Make a list

On a paper, make a list of all your subjects, the date of the exam, marks distribution, and your performance in each subject. You may be poor in Math and Science but stronger in the rest… Set a goal you’d like to reach. If you’re strong in Social, English, and Hindi, work hard in them, score well in those, so that if you lack in the other two, you’ve got them to cover up, and it won’t make a huge difference in your overall grade. Also, mark all the areas that need improvement and put more time and effort into them.

  • Count the days and keep striking them off

We have around 40 days to go. You can keep 5 days for contingency. So, 35 left. If you need more practice for Math, give more days to it. If you’re average in all subjects, give equal time to each. You’d know best how much time you need, so plan out accordingly. Also, keep striking each day out. This would create kind of a pressure and you’ll stay alert, and if you’ve wasted any day, it would strike that you only have a few more to go, so it will keep you motivated to work hard, study more.

  • Cut down on a few things

I do know this, whenever anyone tells you to cut down your gadget time and stuff, it’s really annoying. But you don’t have to completely ban them. Here’s what I did – I uninstalled Instagram and Wattpad and archived all of my chats. So, no notifications to distract me. I also gave a short break to books. I stopped using gadgets just because I was bored. When I was and am, I’d open up sample papers and tally last years’ papers and solve MCQs. So, you don’t completely have to cut them out, just minimalize and look out for better alternatives.

  • Maintain a sleep cycle

I cannot stress more on this. Having a proper sleep cycle can change so many things for you. I made this huge mistake of copying what my friends did last time, and I paid for it. You must work according to your body. I would say – wake up at 6 and sleep by 11, or wake up at 5 and sleep by 10. 7 hours would be great, but I believe six hours should be fine too. And, take 10-minute naps after studying to relax. Do not mess with sleep routines, it’d make you sick and lethargic. Keep the studying restricted to morning and evening hours.

  • Solve sample papers

As I said, you can study in the mornings and evenings. Noon is like… bore hours. You can solve papers released by CBSE and other sites. This would give you a proper idea of the questions that can be asked and how you could solve them. Mornings work great for ME, I’m sort of an early bird. But you may find it comfortable studying at night, that’s fine too. Just take out a few hours to solve papers. It would seriously help a lot, and even ease you a little bit. 

  • Give time for some physical activity

We have to work hard, and it’s not healthy for us to be sitting on our beds and tables all day in our books. This is another healthier alternative for gadgets. You can walk, cycle, exercise, dance, anything. Your body needs the movement, plus it would be a great stress-buster. You can plug in some music and cycle or take a peaceful walk in your streets or a nearby park. That’s a really necessary detox. Please consider this.

  • Eat healthily, drink more

Make sure you avoid outside food for a while… You don’t need unnecessary illness right now. Eat Ghar ka khana, drink lots and lots of water, and also, increase your fruit intake. You need those nutrients right now. And don’t go hungry anytime. You feel hungry, get up and go eat something. Don’t be lazy here too. It decreases your efficiency to focus and understand.

  • Leave some time for revision

Try to finish the syllabus earlier, and keep some days for revision too. Refresh all the things you studied; it will boost your confidence. While covering the syllabus, make little notes and pointers and stick them to the pages to refer to later. Do not start any topic afresh just a few days before the exam. If it’s difficult and you can’t get it no matter what, just leave it. Study the rest to cover up for it and you’ll be fine. Also, refer to outside study materials like reference books and guides. Learn in such a way that when you sit to revise, it should all be familiar and easy.

That’s all I had for now. Make sure you give proper attention to your health, complete your syllabus on time, practice marking the OMRs in a given time, and if anything comes up, do not panic, you will be just fine. You’ve still got time to get all those weak areas and make them stronger. Pray and meditate regularly, and don’t forget to mention your gratitude. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, now’s the time, and show all those people and yourself, who doubt you and think you can’t make it. And keep motivating yourself, affirming yourself, I so know you can do it. I’ll be off then, see you after the exams. All the very best! Kill it bestie!! 

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