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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
Priyanshi Mehta
11, Apr 2020

Many of us here know about the barter system, where things are exchanged for other stuff. Well, many of us also know about human barter, that is, human trafficking. Human trafficking is one of the most horrible social evil.

Human trafficking includes the capturing or kidnapping of people and illegally buying or selling them. Among the trafficked people, the majority includes children belonging to the “low castes”. Girls and women are also “PREFERRED” for this heinous crime.

The trafficked majority is usually tortured and confined to a small place where there are no chances of escape.

Some of the trafficked children are sold off to people, who use them for their own selfish motives. Some of the children (mostly girls) are married off to some bootless bachelors, which makes their lives miserable and hellish.

Others are sold off to some beastly vendors who make their lives infernal.

One of the cases, which I would like to mention here, is incredibly roguish.

One of the social workers, Sunitha Krishnan (founder of the NGO Prajjvala) describes it as thus:

This one time, when they staged a raid at a place they believed trafficked children were confined, they managed to save a couple of kids. However, a girl of about 15, refused to come with them. On asking her the reason, she cried, “I can’t leave my baby, these people have hidden by her and I won’t leave without her!”

They searched her baby everywhere, and here’s where they finally found her: in a water tank.

The infant was blue, from top to bottom.

She had to be hospitalised. Later, Sunitha noticed bite marks on her arms. On asking the young mom the reason for this, she replied that whenever she refused to go with any men, the owner would let loose an angry dog that would bite the baby unless she agreed to do what was ordered.

Now, don’t you feel how gross this is? Again, just like other social evils, if human trafficking is not checked, then, mark my words; humankind is in GREAT danger. Thus, we, as the next generation have to take full responsibility, ensuring that the following generation does not face this situation and that a safe future is secured for all of us.

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