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How to Instantly Lift Up Your Mood

Priyanshi Mehta
13, Sep 2021

Hey there gorgeous souls! I literally just wrote this much and stared at the screen for fifteen minutes straight – kinda hoping the words would show up and I’ll just have to type ‘em. They didn’t whatsoever, so I got my brains running.

I don’t really have a perfect opening for this article so I’ll just start with the question round right away. Answer these in your head –

  1. How you doin’?
  2. Have you been tensed lately?
  3. Is something bothering you?
  4. Do you constantly feel low even if nothing, in particular, happened to upset you?
  5. Have you been giving proper attention to your mental health?

After answering these, you might’ve probably just realized that you have/have not been keeping well. Well, if you haven’t, it’s not good you know. But I wouldn’t blame you a bit. I’d been gloomy and grumpy without any reason too, for the past few days. But I had to do something about it because a lot of things are happening right now, like – I got done with my OFFLINE EXAMS, and about the results, I’m suuuuper unsure, but in my defense, they were OFFLINE EXAMS.

After that too a lot of things happened, like I got super lazy and had no will to write anything.

And I really can’t afford to sulk over nothing, because it’s taking a lot of my time, and I’m sure on days like these, you too don’t quite like it so much. You too wanna snap out of it don’t cha? So, here are a few things I follow to shift my mood instantly, and I’m sure it’ll help you too, so check ‘em out below! –

  •  Get up and go away

The first and foremost thing you gotta do is to get up and get away from anything and everything that spoils your mood. It may be your homework or assignments, stupid deadlines, anything. Just, try to stay away from it for a little while. And then, check out the other actual things you have to do to change your mood.

  • Take a nap

As lazy and procrastinate-ive as it may sound, taking a nap always helps us calm our minds and literally get away from our mood spoilers. But just take a NAP, for, like – 30 to 45 mins. You’ll be refreshed and more energized than before. So there.

  •  Dance your troubles away!

Now, this is a total foolproof way to change your mood in a go. Just plug in your earphones, blast your favorite tunes and move your body, throw up your hands, sway your hips, just keep moving! You know you have the best playlist, so put up some awesome-feel-good-energizing songs, it can not only instantly change you mentally, but also physically. Dance like no one’s watching you, and only where no one’s watching you…

  •  Music as therapy

This might be a little confusing but here you don’t really have to dance, just listen to some extremely soothing and relaxing music, and think about good things, good places, etc. Now here’s precisely what I do – I put on my fav soothing tune (my personal fav is the Krishna flute, though) and imagine myself amidst the mountains or among the stars, or somewhere in the meadows or a jungle or something and that time is literally THE best for me. Super stress-relieving and mood-changing aah!

  •  Keep changing your places

It’s true that if you keep sitting at just one place for all your work – be it homework, office work, basically anything boring, you gonna go bonkers. A change of settings might help. If you usually sit at your study table, for once try to sit on the floor, place a mat and sit down. Or maybe go out in the living room and sit on a chair. But do make sure you stay away from your bed, cuz we all know once we plop in there, there’s no turning back.

  •  Get a load of caffeine

This always works like a charm when you’re feeling super lethargic and in no mood whatsoever for anything. Make yourself (or tell someone else to – that’s always better) a hot, brimming cup of tea or coffee, and sip it away, slowly, enjoying every minute of it. And then, wait for the energy to start rolling in. But do not make it a regular thing, cuz it’s not really good for your health you see.

  •  Try journaling

When you’re in an awful mood, just write it all down, and read it over and over. You’d know where you need to make amends and what you gotta do. Also, just dumping all your thoughts on the paper really clears off all the mess and calms you down effectively.

  •  Go out and get some fresh air

With the splendid weather that’s out there for a couple of days, the air is full of aromatic oxygen. Just take a break and head outside. Take a walk or a bicycle ride. Soak up all the air you need, boost up the dopamine in you, and try not to think about anything that upset/s/ted you.

  •  Clean your room

Believe me when I say this, cleaning just your room, making your bed, clearing off your table – it all is just soo gooood!!! I never thought I’d actually say this, but cleaning my room is one of my fav things to do. I put on some great music, lock the door and get the party started. The process is so much fun itself, and seeing a clean room, made-up bed, uncluttered desk, and scented air (you’d wanna use a room freshener here) gives me so much peace! So please try this out at least once.

  • Let it out

At times when you’re utterly dismayed and frustrated and upset and feel like you can’t take it anymore, just cry it out. Let all your emotions flow, if you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like screaming, scream into a pillow. But before this, first question yourself. Why did this happen? What is the origin of this emotion? Will doing this really help you in anyway? And when you’ll answer these in your head, or in a paper when journaling, you will get the answers you’re looking for. This would really help on days you feel very heavy, and have no means of letting it out.

  •  Be grateful

I cannot stress more on this. This is literally the game-changer. Just thinking about the things you’ve been blessed with, the things that have happened to you that shaped the you you are now, being grateful for your food, water, clothes, family, yourself – everything.   

So a couple of days back, I took a small trip, and I saw soo much poverty, children being treated badly, animals being beaten, and I realized I’m literally living the best of my life, and I was ashamed of complaining about miscellaneous things every now and then.

Once you count your blessings and see what God has done, you’ll be surprised at how awfully fantastic your life is, and how you were just carried away by something that wouldn’t even matter after a year, or a few months. And even if it does, you’ll be assured that time will play its role, and healing will be quick – painful; yes, but quick. And what you will learn from the process, you’ll thank God, the situation, yourself, everyone for that.

I have seriously experienced that once I stopped complaining (I still do it, definitely, but have reduced it drastically, and still working on it) and started appreciating the other important things, life just got so much better, and good things just started flowing in, and that’s when I understood the power of positivity and gratitude.

So these are a few things that usually do the trick for me, I hope it helps you out too! If you have some other methods you’d like to share, you’re most welcome in the comments section, your feedbacks are always valued! Hoping for a positive response from your side! Meet you soon!

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