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The Flame

Priyanshi Mehta
29, Jul 2021

It had always fascinated me;

the feeble orange flame –

feeble, yet the capacity to illuminate the dark world

Always an avid watcher, I observe

As the little blue light changes hues,

Dances; as my eyes follow it

I feel it – something unusual,

Yet so usual – Ah! – Déjà vu!

I relive my childhood,

Remember those curios, gleaming faces,

The orange reflecting in their blacks

And as if almost an instinct, my hands come together,

The little dominant ones entangle

And the roof smiles; his admirer is back again

These mysterious things knot and tangle;

Causing some pattern there – mysterious still

A gust of wind blows, my eyes

Immediately check the flame –

It now has a storm to face

My hands instantaneously circle it –

A blinding white light, and it is gone

And with it is gone the warmth,

With it are gone those patterns,

With it are gone those little faces;

And their little silhouettes

And I am kept there – Staring at the ashes,

As my childhood slowly fades away

This is something I scribbled recently. We had a power cut, and when we lit the candle, all of these happened, and I decided to put it to words. Hope you get the message I’d conveyed.

Really hoping you like it.

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17 Replies to “The Flame”

  1. OMG! Piyu you can take inspiration from the simplistic things in life and turn into something so beautiful!!! I love this yaar!

  2. Loved the way u take inspiration from ur daily life….
    Honestly this was the best one..🖤
    Keep it up bro!!
    Waiting for many more like this in the future…💜💜

  3. This is simply gorgeous..!!😘 Even a well trained poet wouldn’t have such a fascinating connection of the flame with childhood…✌🏻😍😍

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