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Your Perfect Holiday Self Care

Holiday Self care
Priyanshi Mehta
30, Apr 2021

Hey, lovelies! So, holidays are around the corner, and after all that’s been going around, a month all to yourself is just what the doctor ordered! 

But you don’t want to waste this one like the others you already did, do you? In the beginning, we all have these fancy plans about it, but somehow, things just don’t happen the way they were supposed to. Don’t let yourself repeat the same mistake. Let this vacation count, and do all that you want to. How? Well, keep reading further to know!

So, planning is a really important step here, but equally important is just, doing things when, where, and how your heart wishes. So, don’t always keep yourself busy with things, have some gaps in the middle. You can also go for Holiday Self Care Planners, but if you don’t really wanna spend money on that, you can make one yourself! Just include categories like, “Rant Corner”, “I am grateful for”, “Things I wanna do today”, etc. (Make it colorful and decorative to give out positive vibes)

(Note – This is not really a “Things to do during your holidays” kinda article, more like a “How to spend your holidays well” kind of so yeah)

  • Prioritize your work

This is a very important thing to do because if you devote all your time to movies, you aren’t doing great for self-care. So, make a list of things in order of their importance. For me, reading bags the first place, so I devote my time to reading the most. It may be cooking or painting or something for you, so plan out accordingly (also, don’t put your studies at the lowest rung, maybe at least third or fourth, you don’t want that kind of pressure later do ya?)

  • Give yourself a techno break

As much as you would love to watch all kinds of movies and series, you also must not forget that you want a physically and mentally healthy holiday. So, it’s not like a strict no, just that don’t sit around all day in front of the TV or mobile or laptop or whatever gadgets you rich-o’s have. It’s really fun and all, but it’s not that great for your mental and physical health, and you know it. So, plan out how many hours you’ll spend in total on gadgets. Maybe 4 or 5 max is fine because c’mon it’s my vacation (but with breaks, not all at once)! 

  • Pamper Yourself 

See, this is what self-care really is! You have to pamper yourself and make yourselves happy. Now that can include anything you like to do – from singing to dancing to reading to writing to cooking to meditating to painting your nails – anything you like. And make sure you give proper time to these things, because, right now, they’re your biggest stress busters.

  • Have these little breaks

So there might be a lot of things you wanna do, but also remember, that you don’t need to keep yourself busy all the time. You can take these little “breaks” where you just – pause everything you’re doing, make yourself tea or coffee or whatever you like, and sit by the window, slowly sipping your drink. You can think about all kinds of things (which of course do not include any negatives emotions) like things you’re grateful for, things you would like to do someday when you’re a grown-up, places you want to explore, etc. Also, the weather out there after 4 or something is amazing. It’s a shame though that we’re not able to step out, and it’s probably better this way, for both of us – know what I mean? Anyways, these are really necessary because if you pick things up one after the other, you’ll be tired at the end of the day, and that’s not what we want. So do consider that.

  • Maintain a sleep cycle

I cannot be stressing more about this. Having a sleep cycle can change so much! We all have these tendencies to be up awake up till 3 in the morning watching movies, and then sleep at 4 and wake up at 12 or 1. See, this holiday, don’t let that happen. If you keep following this, you’ll just wander around the house like a zombie, without any enthusiasm left. Who says you have to sleep at 10? You can go to bed at 12 and wake up at – say 8? You’ll have eight hours of sleep, and so you’ll be alright during the day. Also, naps are okay but avoid sleeping off-times, cuz that just keeps you wide awake at nights, messing with your sleep schedules.

  • Let everything out of you

I know it’s hella difficult for everyone right now, coping with the current situations, most of you might have a lot of things happening at your homes, where constantly someone had to be hospitalized or someone known to you just passed away, and it must’ve really messed things up in your head. Don’t keep stacking all your emotions in your head. Share them. If you keep hiding your feelings, the tornado of your emotions might end up destructing everything. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, no worries. Stand in front of the mirror, and talk to yourself. Or take a piece of paper and write everything down and tear it into a thousand pieces and throw it all away. It’ll really help you out, honey. Whatever you do, do not let any negativity get inside you and tear you apart. Do everything possible to keep yourselves happy.

I tried keeping this article as short as possible because you don’t wanna spend your entire day reading this, and Bam! Before you know it, it’s already bedtime (just kidding). See, during these tough times, we’re all suffering a lot, and it must’ve probably crushed you from insides – like someone known passing away or the regular rounds to the hospital and all. And that’s why it is extremely important for you to stay physically fit and mentally sane. And if doing all these things make you happy and for once take you to a whole new world where none of this exists and you’re super happy all by yourself, why not give it a chance? You must remember, this too shall pass. Everything will go back to normal someday, and until then, you gotta take care of yourself, your family, and your friends. Be positive, no matter what. Please, please stay indoors as all that matters right now is your safety. Also, exercise regularly, drink lots of water and eat healthy food. 

So that’s it for now fellas, go on, enjoy your holidays to the best and have a peaceful, happy month to yourself! Hope this article helps you out!

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Ooh P.S. – Happy Holidays!

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  1. Informative article… It has given me a different perception towards my planning of vacation…


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