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The Role Of Youth In Cyber World

Impact of Social Media
Priyanshi Mehta
10, Apr 2020

Let’s talk about the role of youth in the cyber world.

Well, let me get something straight. Today’s world is BLINDFOLDED by the wonders of Instagram and Facebook. They’re so alien to the actual advantages of the internet.

Well, not all the youngsters are unaware of how the internet can be used.

They’re so well known with it that they use it in a very disapproving manner. And, they use the innocence of the unaware majority. And, it’s not something new to us. We all know about it, but, despite that, sometimes we’re so fascinated by certain things that we let our guards down.

They use the internet for various things like hacking others’ accounts, cunningly convincing others to give away their bank details and steal their money and other disgusting things that are disturbing even to listen. The adolescents, thinking it to be fun, post solo pictures of which some aren’t appropriate, and the rest, which do not create problems, are either edited or are made into something unimaginable.

A mistake anywhere and they are dangerously used against them. Anonymous threats force them to pay up huge amounts to the blackmailers.

It is crucial for today’s youth, especially the teenagers to understand that cyber world is just not about Instagram, Facebook or any other social media apps; it’s also about other things that are really helpful.

Luckily, few of them do understand this. They’ve taken the advantages positively, and have done something that has actually turned out be very good indeed!

Take blogging for example, we’ve got teenage bloggers who write pretty well. And not just teenaged, we also have bloggers as young as Cam, who is just 6 years old! We’ve also got an equally successful blogger, Wendy, who is 7 years old. They do not blog about anything that’s NOT worth reading. They post some really cool stuff which is a must-read. These guys are an inspiration to the people living in the cyber world (so basically, it includes everyone). They are the living proofs that if the internet is used in a better way than it is being used now, it would be a thousand times better.

They also justify to the teenagers (who, BTW, are in the most active age) that if they use even half the brain they use on Instagram/Facebook to do something productive, they’re gonna do wonders.

Thus, on looking at both sides, we come to a conclusion that the usage of this amazing thing called ‘internet’ really depends on us. It’s on us how we use it.

If we plan taking our steps towards the positive side, we for sure are going to leave a very good remark, just like Cam and Wendy.      

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