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Should our Birthdays Be Celebrated?

Priyanshi Mehta
12, Apr 2020

Now, just by reading the topic don’t start judging me.

I thought of writing this article when I was just pondering over stuff and came across this: How can we ever CELEBRATE our birthday!?

I mean, out of the 100% reading this, I’m sure 99.99% of the public hate death, ‘coz why not? So, if you hate death, how can you love and “celebrate” your birthday, because all it does is just take you nearer to death.

Of course, you’re just not getting older; you’re also moving one step closer to death. A whole year of life has passed by, and you’ve got lesser years to live.

Now, I know this is not a topic one should be writing an article on, but just trynna understand it yourself. When it’s your birthday, you’re growing older, and it just decreases the number of years you’re gonna live.

So, what should we do on our birthdays? It’s simple! If the number of years you’re gonna live decreases, why don’t cha increase the number of years others are gonna live? Now, I know this is technically not possible, but what I mean to say is, why don’t you do some good things like:

  • Donate a few good things, like food or a few warm blankets to beggars so that it may improve their health and can save them from harsh winters/ summers (yeah, if you just cover yourself up in summers, you won’t have to face the scorching sun)
  • Going to a cowshed and feeding them with fodder is also an amazing feeling
  • Going to an orphanage, giving gifts to the orphans
  • Consoling the elderly at an old age home
  • Freeing innocent animals from slaughterhouses
  • Feeding the hungry

There are loads of such options. But, what we mainly see is people wasting thousands of bucks on their birthdays to celebrate it lavishly at some expensive and out-of-the-budget restaurants, but what they miss out in life is this awesome feeling, this joy of giving.

We can improve the quality of life of other people in many ways and we must whenever we get the opportunity for that.

So, whenever your birthday is, I hope you try these and I’m sure you will feel blessed and have a great feeling.

Good Luck!

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One Reply to “Should our Birthdays Be Celebrated?”

  1. Hi Priyanshi, We had never considered these points before. Thankyou for reminding us what our birthdays are meant for.
    Loved your work

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