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Lockdown and Us

lockdown and us
Priyanshi Mehta
15, Nov 2020

 I remember how my parents told me (and they still do) how they swam across the seven seas and crossed the seven skies to reach school. Here’s what I’ll tell my kids: “You know what? DO you know WHAT? I, yep, that’s right; I survived four whole months of lockdown. No stepping out of the house. Literally locked down. And we had to help Mumma in the household chores. She and Papa stay in bed and slept and we woke up early and did the work. Apart from this we also did exercises, played Ludo, and obviously studied (exaggeration on point!), and look at y’all, all you do the whole day is bleep blop (as if).

Anyways, lockdown has changed our lives drastically. Keep reading further to know what and how…

Students initially believed that coronavirus has made their lives all tipsy and upside down. But, it’s not that bad. First of all, we get to attend the classes in bed, which is awesome. Then, there’s no such thing as uniform or discipline. But the best thing is, you can do WHATEVER you want to… Like who would’ve THUNK you could watch videos or use insta while studying and parents wouldn’t even know a thing! (not something I do or recommend 😉)

But it’s not always that great. I know its damn easy to cheat in this way, but even cheating needs brains. For example, if you’re a C grade student and suddenly score full in all the tests, it wouldn’t take a detective to figure out that you cheated alright.

Then, there’s this whole “turn on your video” thing. Lemme tell you, my heart swooped 360 degrees and did a double somersault when I was first asked to turn on my video. I was there, like, sitting in my pj’s, having breakfast when I received this shocker. Then I had to run around the house like my hair was on fire or something, finding my shirt and trying my best not to look like I was sitting there:

  1.  With my mouth covered with Oreo crumbs
  2.  Like I had just woken up
  3.  Like I had no clue what the heck was happening in the meeting.

I’m sure others weren’t better, except a few smarty pants too excited for the first meeting, ready to greet the teachers with, “Oh ma’am we missed you” and “we want to study let’s start” and “our first experience studying online awwww” and “we miss school” and other nonsensical-idiotic-too-good-to-be-true shit. I mean, GROW UP GIRLFRIEND!!!

Anyways, even teachers have had their share of fun and disasters.

Firstly, there are teachers who know what they are doing and are aware of each and every bit of technology. Then there are the students’ personal favs, who struggle really hard to do everything, literally!

And, hats off to y’all for very conveniently hiding the fact that you can see who is annotating on the screen☹ (But, we eventually figured it out too, and now annotating is like, so YESTERDAY!)

And now, I think gradually all the teachers have started using each and every feature, and each and every way to make students’ lives miserable by giving us tests on tests on tests (yeah yeah we know it’s all for us and so we get some practice and all). So now, we’re both even aren’t we? (not there yet, not even close) Also, if any teacher happens to read this, please tell me you guys aren’t able to read our personal chats 😐

Also, I don’t know about you guys, but in my house, we all had two options: House work or emotional blackmail. Well, the second one sounds better, but when it’s coming from moms, I would take the first one in a heartbeat. So, minimum 2 chores daily. And, it was a compulsion to have cooking as an “optional hobby”.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it happens here… 

Getting to the “lockdown workout routine”, It’s a known fact that everyone had imagined the lockdown to be like a “self-improvement hibernation period” or something. We all had these fantasies that in the lockdown I’ll get into shape, I’ll stop procrastinating bla bla bla.. Now, tell me, did it even last for 2 whole days? I mean, paapad banna tha, papita ban gaye…

Now that things are unfolding, lets talk about “skill development” shall we?

Starting from me, I mugged up LEARNT the whole coronavirus caller tune… I mean, you can call it an achievement alright…

Now, it’s your turn, but the one thing I know for sure y’all have learnt is “How to make Dalgona Coffee” and, “How to win in LUDO KING always” Am I right or am I right?

So that’s about it, guys… hope you liked it… tell me in the comment section what you’ve done in the lockdown and if you liked it or not… Catch y’all later…

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9 Replies to “Lockdown and Us”

  1. Very well written and thought of. You are getting better with every post. Keep it up.

  2. I was the story which everyone have faced and too tell that to everyone that all can’t do.
    Do keep it up..
    And I would be waiting for your next Blog..
    And yaa truely it was just Amazingg..

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