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Kaliyug – The Dark Age

Priyanshi Mehta
10, Aug 2020

Well, I know I said that there’ll be a part two for “Books for Book Haters”; however I sensed that y’all dreaded that coming since analytics showed that the previous article had received maximum bounce rate and minimum page sessions. So, I concluded that you didn’t like that article which took 2 weeks to be written. I’m sorry then. 

Anyhoo, witnessing the very recent events, there is no justification needed to prove that we are in a very bad state of Kaliyug; the last of the Auras in the yug chakra. I know many of you don’t believe this religious concept, however, gradually; people are witnessing and accepting it.

What is Kaliyug?                                 

To all who don’t know, Kaliyug is the last of the stages of the Yug Chakra, which apparently will come to an end when Adharma or evil will arise and Dharma or righteousness will be non-existent. Now for those who don’t believe this apparent “crap”, what does science have to say?

According to various encyclopaedias and articles, in about 4 billion years from now, the Sun will no more give out its light, which will destroy the mankind, So, don’t you think that it’s exactly what the religion says? See, I’m not forcing anyone to believe this, just explaining that religion and the science co-exist. At the end of the day, the central idea of both is the same.

 There are gruesome acts and crimes taking place all over the globe.  Adharma. And, according to the Bhagvad Gita;

Yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam shreejamyaham


Whenever and wherever Adharma or evil will arise, O descendants of Bharata, I will come down.

These words were spoken by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. Here’s a link to an audio of this Shloka:

Why I chose this above all is ‘coz the other videos which I saw were kinda slow and this one can literally give you goosebumps (at least I got goosebumps). It has rapid beats and a sturdy, manly voice. You must listen to this.  

As a matter of fact, in each Yuga, there has been evil, and in each Yuga, there has been at least one incarnation of Lord Vishnu to destroy evil.

 Matsya, Vaman, Kurma, Varaha and Narsimha avatars in the Satyug, Ram in the Treta Yug, Krishn in the Dvapar Yug and Kalki in the Kaliyug. Lord Buddha and Parshuram are also avatars of Lord Vishnu. These are the known incarnations of Lord Vishnu, of which, the Kalki avatar will take birth in the Kaliyug, finally bringing an end to the Kaliyug. After the Kaliyug, the cycle will repeat itself with the Satyug.

Lord Krishna mentions in the Bhagvad Gita some conditions that will be in practice in the Kaliyug, which, on pondering over now, seem so common and unquestioned. Here is a link to what he says about Kaliyug:

Did you see?

We all know that we’re living in the Kaliyug; however, I think you should probably start worrying now. Okay… Let me ruin your day:

  • Corona Pandemic
  • Damaged crops due to locust attack
  • George Floyd Death
  • Attacks on borders
  • Assam Flood
  • India’s loss at losing Sushant
  • Earthquake
  • Pakistan firing
  • Lebanon Blast
  • Fathers Killing Daughters (which happens, like, 10 times a day)
  • Kerala Plane Crash
  • Fire in Corona Ward

More still waits…

Now do you know what I mean?? See, I haven’t just blindly written this stuff, I’ve read articles, books, surfed numerous sites and all and all of ‘em state that the beginning of the end has begun. It’s okay if you’ve done some terrible stuff in the past which you regret (well, it’s only okay if it doesn’t involve someone getting killed or something). Now is the time for Dharma and Karma.

That’s all I had to say. Always remember, walk on the path of righteousness. Do no evil. Hope you understood what I mentioned in here. Thank you so much.

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