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How to stay mentally healthy?

Priyanshi Mehta
26, Jul 2020

Along with good physical, social and economic health, the stability of mental health is also very important. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult in this age and particularly this time period to maintain a good mental health. As if this virus wasn’t enough to give us jitters, earthquakes, floods, locust swarms and attacks have been enough to scare the bluff out of any man. Also, after I had started writing the previous article, we got the news of Sushant’s sad demise. So, I think this article has been triggered by that incident. Though no one knows the real cause, it has been widely accepted that his depression drew him to suicide. That just explains that ain’t brain happy, ain’t anybody happy. Some situations in life have been too stressful, and there still will be such situations ahead. The thing is, if you still remain cool in such situations, it’ll be really easy to handle them. So, I have 6 basic points that’ll surely help improve your mental health.

  •  Journal it

Journaling has always helped when we’ve got no one else to confide in. Whenever you’re stressed probably because you had a fight with your ‘rents or you broke up with your bestie or anything, take up a journal or a diary (or sheets if you don’t plan on doing it daily), and quietly write down all the things that made your day bad. No need to be all ‘Dear diary this’ and ‘Dear diary that’. It’s okay if you don’t add punctuations or if your sentence formation is incorrect or something. It’s just to calm you down, not to showcase to the world. Also, on what I’ve heard and read, studies show that writing down the things which upset you really helps in cooling you off. And now, I think I’ve begun experiencing it as well. You can buy a journal or use an unused one. So the next time you’re having a bad day, I strongly recommend that you follow this.

  • Read

This is probably my fifth time recommending reading, and I don’t mind doing it again. There are books for every kind of mood, for when you’re sad, angry, hurt, happy, excited, and even hungry! So, you take up reading in such situations. Here are my top 5 picks for days when you’re upset:

  1. Chicken Soup for Soul
  2. The Fault in Our Stars
  3. The Canterville Ghost (this is different from the rest, but will surely bring back laughter; it comes under the genre humour)
  4. Great Expectations
  5. Diary of a young girl: Anne Frank
  •  Meditate

Well, I have hardly practised this method, but when I have, I was able to easily make out the difference. It really helps in tough times. All you need to do is choose a clean place in your house where you get lots of sunlight and fresh air. Place a mat, sit down, and close your eyes. To create a peaceful aura, listen to soothing music. Don’t do anything else. Don’t think about anything else. Just maintain your cool, and listen to music.  It really has been helpful to people. So, if you don’t feel like reading or writing the next time you’re sad, practice this.

  • Walk /Jog/Cycle

Take out an hour from your daily routine and step out for a quick walk/jog/cycling trip. This will improve your mood and will de-stress you in no time. Well, though it works instantly and can be done on stressful days, doing it on a regular basis is something I would recommend. Along with great mental health improvements, it is exceptionally beneficial for a good heart, good mood, and happy muscles and for burning calories. Cycling has its own pros. It improves growth, can lose and gain weight, and all in addition to the above. As for me, I would cycle daily from 6:30 to 8:00 in the evening. You need not go to a park or something; you’ve got your parking lot or streets. You should really practise this method for instant and extraordinary benefits.

  • Take a nap!

Why not? This is one of the most pleasing ways to de-stress yourselves! Simply get from work, find the nearest bed, or a thing nearest to bed (like a sofa or armchair or something) and plop over. A good amount of rest is just what the doctor ordered. But, saying this again, make sure to take naps and not beauty sleeps. A nap of about 30-45 minutes would probably do it. So try do it!

  • Pray

We all know that Jiska koi nahi hota, uska bhagvan hota hai. Stressful days can be very stressing (wait, what?). Just a few minutes to thank God – is it difficult? Thank God for this day, this life. Why do we have to complain to Him on not-so-happy days and not even bother to remember Him when something good happens? Always remember, God will make a way. He’ll show you the path in darkness. He’ll always have your back. However, if you remember Him only on bad days, (I shouldn’t be saying this, but…) YOU ARE VERY SELFISH!!! Yes, you heard read it right! That is super selfish of you. Remember Him every day. Talk to Him. And most importantly, show your gratitude to him. You would be having different mantras to be chanted. Practice them daily, and leave the rest to God. He’ll surely help you out 🙂

So, friends, that’s all I had for this article. Tell me how it was and if it helped you out in the comment section below. Also, tell your upar wala buddy, Sun bro, pata hai life mein bohooooot tension hai, par tu chill kar, aana thodi der baith ke baate karte hai, baaki sab kaam  baad mein, sabse pehle, ME TIME!!

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11 Replies to “How to stay mentally healthy?”

  1. It’s amazzzzzziiiiinnnngggg I love it it’s really very helpful and inspires me
    Keep updating

  2. A great article again Priyanshi, the need of the hour. You have penned quite nicely the ways to get rid of depression. Hope it will help someone in need of it. Keep writing, keep glowing.

  3. Hey!! I just want to say that this simply ammmaaazzziiinnnggg!!😜
    Don’t mid this but…..
    “The Fault In Our Stars”is written like this…..
    I also wanted to ask you something….. What if we are at work and we cannot do any of these??
    plzz do reply….and you are an amazing author
    Bole too ek damm Chetan Bhagat ki copy…..☺

    1. Hey Jiya, thank you so much for your feedback
      Now for your question, I don’t think there’s any place or time when you shouldn’t be kind. Whatever the circumstances are, never leave your kinder side, that is what will keep you human. However, in the process of helping others, do take care of your needs, never let them fade away..
      You see, it’s not always about others, sometimes, it’s also important that you consider yourselves as well..
      Hope you are satisfied with the following, and if you still aren’t, do let me know, I’ll surely answer


    2. Hey Jiya

      First of all, thank you so much for your valuable feedback and compliments, you know it means a lot😘😘

      Now for your question, even if you are at work, I think you should take out some time for yourselves and for your mental health as at the end of the day, that’s what matters the most; not money, not any luxury, only your inner satisfaction. Also, if you’re still too busy to take out an hour or something, you can always come back from work and do this. There are no specific time limits to do all of these. You can do it in the morning, or in the afternoon, or at night, it completely depends upon your work style. Besides, we do take breaks don’t we?? So you can read a book or go for a brisk walk or something instead of using your gadgets for your break.

      Hope this satisfies you, if it doesn’t, do let me know, I’ll surely answer it😃😃


  4. Hey!! I was almost on the verge of depression, when I came across through this.. Let me tell you girl, you’ve got skillzz!! I can’t believe you being a teenager write so well! I would recommend everyone to read this… Just sharing it on all my social media accounts.. Keep doing well❤️❤️❤️

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