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How to Enjoy Your Own Company

Priyanshi Mehta
01, Sep 2020

Hey there lovelies!  Hope you’re doing well. Now, let’s come straight to the point: when we were amidst the lockdown, we had the whole family with us, and we spent a lot of quality time with them. However, since the government has granted some relief to the lockdown, everyone’s got to work now, too busy to be with you for the whole day. The question which now arises is; ‘How do I spend my time alone?’ And obviously, you can’t keep on calling your friends and family again and again to keep yourself occupied right?

So, in this article, we gonna be dealing with that issue. I have come up with eight basic points to enjoy your own company/how to go solo. Check them out below:

  • Get the wrong idea outta your head

First things first, get rid of the misconception that you always need someone else by your side to pass time. Also, don’t go on believing that if you’re alone, you’re lonely. This is so not true! It’s wrong to be always dependent on someone to be “occupied”. Many a time we’ve called upon our friends in our free time so that we don’t have to be alone. Allow yourself to be free, without anyone beside you. That’ll really help you in getting to know yourself better. Once you do that, once you step out of your little cocoon where you always need someone, you’re gonna do no. 2 (yeah well, slap that smirk out of your face, I mean POINT no.  2) 

  • Find “your thing”

By “your thing”, I mean anything which you’d like to do in your alone time. It can be anything from sketching to dressing up for yourselves or literally anything you like. This step is really important as this will really help you to know yourselves and get an idea of your own choices and things you like.

  • Read

Now, I know by this point, you probably wanna dig a hole and bury me in it ‘coz this is the sixth time I’m pushing y’all to read. But, just think, if I’m recommending it so many times, why don’t cha give it a shot and at least pick up a book and read the first 10 pages? I swear you gonna love books once you read them with interest. In the last few articles, I’ve been constantly giving some ideas of books you should start reading, from all the genres. Do check the previous articles for book recommendations.

  • Journal

As I said, journaling has always helped in difficult times. It also helps when you’re alone, yet want a company. So, when you’re all alone. Just take a pen, a book and write down all that you feel. This will also help in bringing you out of your mindset of ‘loneliness=unhappiness’. Just honestly write what you feel, and then think over it. Then push (not force) yourself to a realisation that there are still so many things you can do without anyone. Also, after some point, you’ll realise that being alone is actually a little better than with someone else. I’ll tell you why;

  • List the things you wanna do

Now, take up a pen, take up a book and simply, make a bucket list! Yeah! If you like cooking, write down the name of a few dishes you wanna cook, maybe their recipes as well. If you wanna read, write down the names of books you wanna read from your preferable genre. If there’s this really fancy diner that opened nearby and you wish to go, write it down. If there are some places downtown you wanna visit, name them. See! There are so many things you could do. Now, let me tell y’all why being alone is slightly better than being with someone. This is because when you’re accompanied by someone else, there is a vast set of choices to make and things to do. So, it may happen that you forcefully have to curb your wishes and often end up doing what others want or what the majority prefers; which you may or may not like. But when you’re alone, it’s a whole different story. You can do whatever you want to. If you feel like getting up and making some coffee, you’ll go and get it. So, that’s one of the key reasons why I personally really like spending time alone.

  • Go on a solo date

You can go on these little dates all by yourself. Maybe some shopping, a good movie, lunch, and some ice cream. Sounds perfect right! So, once things are safer, you should definitely plan your day out. But don’t forget- it has to be a ‘solo date’. Be there all by yourself. Probably then will you have some time to enjoy the walk or the ride, see everything that happens on the way, and do whatever you like, go wherever you want to.

  • Gawk at everything in and around you

My personal favourite thing to do when I’m alone is literally just sitting and staring at whatever happens in the surrounding. You can do it as well. Just sit near a window where there is a lot of hustle and bustle. Also, you can treat yourself with some chai and snacks. This is really engrossing. You just have to blankly stare at people like a hawk. This is actually a lot of fun. You must try this!

  • Unplug to reconnect!

Now I know it’s kinda ironical that I’m telling you this via the internet but this is what you really need. It’s also kinda-sorta contradictory because at first, I was gonna mention ‘Surf the internet’, which I know is pretty dumb. Because all we’d do is keep our noses two inches away from the screen and go beep blop. It not only totally ruins your time alone, but also strains the eye and the brain. So, make sure you put down your gadgets for some time. Start off small. You can decide to stay away from anything that has a screen on it for, maybe like, 1 hour a day. Give yourself the break you deserve. Unplug to reconnect to yourself!

  • Respect and acknowledge your choices

After all, this is what matters the most at last. Once you find “your thing”, you have to respect your own choices. What’s the point of doing all the hard work of writing them and then not following? If all that you’ve written is slightly different and maybe even weird from the rest, you have to respect and acknowledge them. After all, it’s just about having an experience. So, it is really important that you follow this point in particular. Remember, solitude is a state where you’re not judged on what you do because the only person you spend time with is you (*gasp* did I just come up with a quote of my own?? Oh yes I did 🙂

So that’s it for this article. Hope y’all liked it. Also, be alone, it’s really a wonderful experience! And ya,

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