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How to Deal with Difficult People

how to deal with difficult people
Priyanshi Mehta
22, Jun 2020

Difficult and rude people are every man’s nightmare. No one wants to be around them. However, we don’t always get a chance to maintain a good distance from them. Sometimes, they can be our bosses, teammates, colleagues, teachers, family members or even our friends (frenemies basically). So, it gets really frustrating when bosses blame us for no reason or teachers show choices or family members try putting us down or friends cut us off and just don’t listen.

Also, now that the lockdown is relaxed a little (well, I wouldn’t call it ‘little’, but still) I have noticed that a few of my friends and teachers have become extra grumpy, because of the online sessions, and assignments and all. And due to this, they’re often rude and groggy to me. Well, at first, I was annoyed, but now I think I should consider their situation as well. Like, suddenly there is a lot of pressure of completing assignments and explaining stuff to not-so-nice-kids-who-love-doing-annotations and all. But you just can’t back off of your duty.

However, what you can do is find out a way to deal with such situations and such people. Luckily, you just did! I have come up with a few points through which you can find out a loophole and come out of these sticky situations.

  • Simply ignore

Ignoring such people is the best way to deal with such people. Get it in your mind that they’re talking to someone else and not you. Whenever they’re on with their stuff, just look away and don’t mind. If that person is someone who you don’t want to be mad at you because of you ignoring them right on their big fat face (like your boss or someone), do one thing – read the second point.

  •  I-can’t-come-up-with-an-apt-name-so-be-it…

So I was saying, if you can’t ignore the person right away, face them, lower your head as if you’re sorry, and then blast a song in your mind. Sing one with rapid beats and one which you really like. This will help you survive their lecture (lecture as in lecture lecture, not the ones which teachers give). However, when it is someone near to you, DON’T do this. Believe me, you’ll regret it. If it’s your mom lecturing you about something, listen to them, because she IS right most of the times. And we all very well know this, but find it a little hard to admit. If it’s a teacher telling you to mend your ways, don’t ignore them.

  • Don’t take that to heart

Whenever someone really close is rude and ruthless to you, don’t bother. Don’t take their behaviour to heart and sit down thinking why the hell they did that. Don’t worry, either their mood was off or their mind. Forget that anything such ever happened. The next time you meet them, greet them with a smile. And if you feel that you were somewhere at fault in that whole not-so-nice hap, immediately apologise, even if you had a very little role to play in that mishap. Boy, you don’t know the power of a ‘sorry’ and a ‘thank you’ and a smile. I’m sure it would make at least a slight difference in their behaviour towards you. Also, if your sorry has even a little bit of sarcasm in it (not what I would recommend, depends on the situation), the other person might feel guilty of the way he/she treated you (I said might).

  • Don’t get mutual with them

See, this IS really the most difficult thing. Usually (especially in girly girls), when someone is being difficult with us, the first thing that pops in our mind is being mutual, being them with them. I read this really corny line in a book by Malala, ‘… then again, I thought that if I am violent with them, what will be the difference between me and them?’ So, though it sounds cheesy, it somehow fits perfectly here (it took decades for me to understand and basically accept this). Also, if they’re being rude for no reason, your being nice with them might put some sense in their right minds (it’s quite rude to say this, but…). They might realise that they shouldn’t have done that. Even if they don’t, what’s the harm if it means cooling the situation in either way? If you’re good, they won’t probably find any reason to be mad at you again.

  •  Don’t go around getting them talk to you

This is really dumb of us trying to get them to talk to us. Don’t do this. Many of us try to explain that fellow and asking him why he is doing so and what is his problem and all. This just makes them even madder and complicates the situation. Let it be. Conserve your energy; don’t waste your time on them. Let them do their stuff and simply follow the first and second step. Eventually, after a few days, things will be back to normal. So, stop worrying and being anxious about it, let time heal it.

So, that’s all I have to say about this. I once again hope that these points were useful to you. Also, (please!) mention in the comment section what you feel about this article. And obviously,

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3 Replies to “How to Deal with Difficult People”

  1. Very well written 👍
    We come across a lot of such people and usually end up frustrated handling them. Thank you for the article

  2. Hii Chotu😜😝. How are u ??? i never thought u r such a wonderfull blogger.This is really helpful…… thank you soooo much. And the way you write is just awsome and friendly. just like Chetan Bhagat talking to me sitting right next to me…….

  3. Wow Priyanshi!!
    Such a beautiful work. You have poured in the ideas really well. Absolutely loved it!!

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