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10 Books for Book Haters

Priyanshi Mehta
02, Aug 2020

In the previous article, I had mentioned that one of the best ways to reduce anxiety is reading. I had also mentioned that I wouldn’t mind recommending reading again and again. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna be doing in this article.

Being a bookworm is not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. Some of you might not have even completed a whole book (not something you should be real proud of :|). Sometimes it so happens that you plan on reading a book, but unfortunately you pick up the wrong one and it leaves a bad taste for you. So, let’s not let that happen. If you’re a beginner and want to cultivate a reading habit, check out my top 10 picks to start off as a beginner:

  •  Chicken Soup For Soul

This book is written by the trio Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Sharon J. Wohlmuth. This book contains several short stories of common people having extraordinary experiences. The stories are written by the people, only the concept was proposed by the trio. The book teaches us various values through the experiences of other people. Each story has a different plot and is based on real-life incidents. This explains to us that every bad situation in life is not the end of the world and we are in a much better state than some people. So, not only if you are a beginner, even if you are depressed about something, you should definitely add this book to the top of your “good reads” list.

  •  The Alchemist

This masterpiece by Paulo Coelho is about a shepherd named Santiago who has an unusual dream. He sets out to seek the meaning of it. He faces hardships trying to acquire what he wishes and dreams of, however, decides not to give up. There have been excellent reviews for this book and is definitely a must-read. So read it the first chance you get (I was trying my best not to give spoilers, so pardon me if it more or less doesn’t make sense at all :|)

  • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This book by Robin Sharma is about a very rich lawyer, Julian Mantle, who, after a near-death experience, realises that his materialistic fame will not bring permanent happiness. He leaves for India and learns many things from the sages of Sivana. It is a self-help book, which compels us to think about life and how we’ve been living it.  So, if you are looking for a spiritual self-help book, this should definitely be your top choice.

  • The Immortals of Meluha

This outstanding book by Amish Tripathi is the first book of the Amishverse and the first book of the Shiva trilogy. It is based in Meluha, where Shiva arrives with his people-the Guna tribe to lead a different, easier life, and also to escape the Pakriti’s attacks. The people of Meluha dote upon Shiva or the Neelkanth as their ultimate saviour. The story has been intricately woven by Amish to catch the eye of the reader. The second sequel to this trilogy, also the fifth book in this list is:

  •  The Secret of the Nagas

This book, the second of the Shiva trilogy and Amishverse, has been continued from where ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ left. Here, the Meluhans are saved from wars and deaths by Shiva. I don’t wanna give any other details regarding this book; otherwise, the spoilers will ruin the fun of reading it. I strongly recommend reading this trilogy to all.

  •  Percy Jackson: Series

This book by Rick Riordan is about the son of the Sea God, Persues Jackson. He is a demigod, and, along with his friends from Camp Half-Blood sets out on dangerous quests full of Monsters.

Accompanied by a Satyr and the daughter of Athena (character addition in each book), Percy goes on quests which do not guarantee safety. There is a good blend of humour, bravery and a little bit of love in these books, definitely, a must-read (genre: Greek Mythology).

  • The Canterville Ghost

This hilarious book by Oscar Wilde is about a ghost who desperately but unsuccessfully tries to scare a family who had just moved in. However, the Otis family is not bothered a bit and always got the ghost back by attacking him and stuff. However, 15-year-old Virginia is the only one who is, initially scared, but eventually sympathised on hearing the sad story of the ghost, told by the ghost him/itself. If you’re looking for a good, slim book to start off, this should definitely be close to the top.

  • Three Men in a Boat

This book, which falls in the genre humour, is written by Sir Jerome K. Jerome. In this book, Jerome and his 2 friends, along with their dog, Montmorency set out on a 2-week boating trip. So, it is a detailed account of all what happens in the trip. Basically like an expectation vs. Reality episode. However, there are a few big words in the book, so you might wanna sit with a dictionary or something. But don’t let that stop you from reading this masterpiece.

  •  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Series

Doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, Greg’s experiences, which he writes in his diary journal will surely tickle your funny bones.

Greg Heffley, a middle-schooler, finds it hard being on the popular side in school. Besides, his mother- Susan Heffley is always trying to push the ‘perfect family’ message, even though Greg doesn’t get along too well with his brothers, Rodrick and Manny. His daily struggles will make you laugh for sure. There have been four movies on this book as well, however, I strongly recommend that you read the books first and then watch the movies, as the movies have changed a lot of stuff, and isn’t the exact thing from the books. Once you start off with this series, I’m sure books for you will become un-put-down-able.    

  •  Dork Diaries

Just like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries is also an account of the life of a middle-schooler, Nikki Maxwell. She has just moved to WCD middle school. New friends, new arch-enemy, and worse, a new crush who doesn’t even seem to notice her. All of these frighten the burp outta Nikki. She’ also got a bratty little sister-Brianna who seems to be active 24 hours a day to annoy the shit out of her. Her daily struggles in her new school make you laugh so hard, also making you feel pity for her. So, if you’re hooked to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you’ll definitely love this as well!

So that’s all the books for this article (I think there’ll be a part 2 as well!). Guys, you know the benefits of reading, don’t you? So, if you hate reading, please do read these books, and tell me in the comments section if the suggested books were any help to you.  The most relaxing way to read a book is; get yourself your favourite book, your favourite drink, and your favourite place to sit. This literally feels like heaven! Trust me! Never stop reading. Hope you like this article.

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