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Priyanshi Mehta

Who Am I?

Holaa!! I’m Priyanshi Mehta, the writer of this blog.

Now, I know I’m supposed to introduce myself to you, so that you have an idea about me. So here’s how I’m gonna put it:

You might want to put me into the category of a “normal teenager”, but sometimes I can be completely weird, mainly because I’m a total dork who’s got a not-so-fabulous-lifestyle (wink-wink!).

I’m not gonna put up some corny stuff like I’m so organized and all that, ‘coz I’m not! But the one thing that I find good in myself is that I’m not that bad a writer. I absolutely love writing and I really enjoy it as well. So I decided to create a blog of my own, so people could read what I write. Hope y’all enjoy!

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Quotes by Me

  • Life is but a circus, you stay for as long as you are undaunted

  • Pretending to be ourselves, we often forget who we are

  • Be grateful for what you have today, and see more things coming to be grateful for tomorrow

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